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 Current version 5.
 Online since 1999.

 v1.0 (1999 - 2000)
 v2.0 (2000 - May.2002)
 v3.0 (May.2002 - 31.Dec.2003)
 v4.5 (01.Jan.2004 - 13.Sep.2006)
 v4.6 (14.Sep.2006 - 17.Jan.2010)
 v4.7 (18.Jan.2010 - 23.Jan.2013)
 v5.0 (24.Jan.2013 - Current)

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  Site Updated

  Site News
 Site changed somewhat, new colors and images.
 Removed links, photos and about pages as these were outdated.

 New UT99 map available for download.

 Several new tutorials are available and more to come.

 Also working on several new maps for download.